Grain Free Dog Food

Grain Free Dog Food

Grain Free Dog Food

It’s a term bandied about at the moment, so we thought we would take some time out to explain fully what is meant by grain free dog food – and to perhaps dispel the myth that it’s just a ‘trendy fad’.

Perhaps the term gluten free dog food means more to some, or wheat free dog food (with additions).

Before getting too deep in to the whole grain free good or bad issues – some dogs will not thrive on some diets, and if you find your animal is not faring well, we would recommend a visit to your vets to discuss further.


Grain Free Dog Food – Meaning

It’s quite simple really – grain free means just that.

Ah but I hear you say what defines a grain? Why is grain free good for your dog? Why is grain bad for your dog?

Grain is cereal is its many forms, as defined here

Think of it as anything that is grown in a field and harvested.

Some seem to think that oats is a good thing, however, it still has properties that can harm the gut, so yes oats are grain.


Grain Free Dog Food – Why?

Our pets diet was originally meat, which is where they got their protein from. They struggle to digest large amounts of grain and it can sometimes lead to various allergies.

Dogs it would appear struggle to fully digest grains, and this of course happens more and more as the big boys, pack their products with grain to make them cheaper to sell on.


Grain Free Dog Food – Side Effects

So let’s start off with the allergies part of it.

So, if your dog displays itchy feet, long term diarrhoea, loss of gloss on coat, or an itchy behind, we would suggest a visit to your vets, as they are the ones qualified to diagnose and treat.

So other bad side effects might be a sluggish dog who is gaining weight and lacks energy. Perhaps their coat is now dull and brittle as they are not getting various oils found in grain free dog food. They might even display signs of arthritic joints, which of course ages them before their time.

So a fat, brittle coated, lazy dog with bad breath, aged before their time.

Ok, slightly dramatic I know, but do you recognise any of that statement?

There are also various breeds at risk of food allergies, and I list them below:

Chinese Shar-Pei
Cocker Spaniel
Lhasa Apso
Miniature Schnauzer
Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier
Springer Spaniel
West Highland White Terrier

So now let’s talk about the benefits of being grain free.

Improved coat – its shinier, healthier and if you have a dog that’s out and about in water a lot, you will fully understand the need for a healthier coat.

Hands up – if your hair was full and lifeless, you would condition it or apply various hair products to bring back the shine – so why on earth, should your dog be any different?

Weight control – now that’s got to be a good one surely?

As with most things in today’s society, weight brings many issues with it and needs to be controlled. A fat dog will have many other health side effects, and won’t enjoy walks.

Crikey, the thought of a dog who doesn’t or can’t walk and enjoy it, is as alien as us drinking horse milk instead of cow.

Grain free will give your dog nice smelling breath! Yes I am being serious. (Slight caveat though – if you are making your dog drink/eat other things, that might just alter it slightly.)

Nutrition has a high impact on dental health, so poor nutrition brings health issues, brings dental issues.

Now we get to a delicate one – so you have been warned.

Dogs stools are affected – but in a good way.

Less and harder – now that’s got to be a big benefit surely?

You might love and adore your rascal, but who doesn’t get fed up with picking up after them. You think someone would teach them! For those dogs who get very excited going on a walk, it can get very problematic, in that not only do you need a few bags, but also wipes to clean up the sticky mess left on pavements and roads. One of the downsides of being a dog owner!

Using grain free food, does improve the consistency and makes cleaning up after them, not quite a delight, but takes the dread out of those ‘messy’ walks.

So following on then, flatulence is also improved. Filling your pet with only good things and not packing out their diet with grains, means a more pleasant smelling animal.


Grain Free Dog Food – Recipes

Some pet owners take the view that their dog should eat what they do and can spend time preparing both their own meals and their dogs. Some are very good at it and will modify salt intake etc, however, its not quite as simple as cooking two identical meals and getting the same benefits.

So for instance, something like salmon with potatoes and various vegetables sounds good? Perhaps you as the owner like to cut back yourself on salt? If so, not an issue, you can cook everything in one pan – but if you do like flavour – you need to cook them separately.

Depending on the size of your dog defines how many additives they are capable of taking. Let’s not forget their organs tend to be a lot smaller than ours and what suits us won’t suit them.

Of course, you could simply but a good quality grain free dog food and free up time to spend walking them and enjoying all that energy, rather than letting your dog sit in the kitchen watching you cook several meals.

Oh and please remember, dogs are not used to eating their food as hot as we do, so please allow 15 minutes after cooking for it to cool down to the necessary level.


So we hope this article provided some ideas for you and answered some questions, and set straight some myths about it all.

So more about what we believe in and why you should consider using grain free dog food.

“Our pet food is produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced and best equipped dry pet food manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world.
Assessment of the pet food grade facility is audited to the same British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards as any other food supplier. It is this Total Quality Management which ensures that every incoming raw material and every outgoing pet food meets the highest quality standards.grain free salmon
Recipes are selected by a team of qualified pet nutritionists from high quality ingredients to ensure pet foods are produced so that they not only healthy and suitable for your pet but are also very competitively priced in today’s marketplace.”

Our products are available here.

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