Please see the various FAQ’s below which we hope explains and answer the various questions you might have.

Why our food?

Our food is produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced and best equipped dry pet food manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world.

Recipes are selected by a team of qualified pet nutritionists from high quality ingredients to ensure pet foods are produced so that they are healthy and suitable for your pet. We also believe that our food is also very competitively priced in today’s market place.

Why would I feed my dog or cat a grain free food?

Some dogs/cats have more sensitive digestive systems than others, which can be aggravated by the presence of grains in their food, such as rice, barley, maize and oats. In our grain free foods, we use a combination of potato, sweet potato, fruit and vegetables to provide the fibre and all the essential nourishment they need.

What is hypo-allergenic food?

Some pets have bad reactions to certain ingredients in food such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy or egg. Common allergies include chronic diarrhoea, excessive gas, skin conditions and excessive licking. Hypoallergenic food is designed to avoid the use of these ingredients which are most likely to provoke allergic reactions in your pet

If you notice any allergenic reactions make sure to first check with your vet as only they can confirm if it’s really an allergic reaction and which foods are actually causing it.


What’s the difference between Grain Free food and Hypo-Allergenic Food? 


Both our grain free and hypo-allergenic ranges contain no wheat or wheat gluten. Additionally our grain free range contains no other cereals such as barley, oats or maize.

As some pets prefer grains and are not allergic to them then our hypo-allergenic food have recipes that contain cereals such as rice.

Having both ranges of food allows us to cater for all types of preferences

Why do you charge for delivery?

We are now able to deliver our food FREE to most of the UK. As a result of increased customer demand and negotiations with our courier we are going to absorb the delivery charge into our own costs.

Although this is great news for most customers we are unfortunately unable to spread free delivery out across the whole of UK and Ireland as a whole. We will continue to look at these charges in these areas and will reduce them when demand and costs allow. Please see our Delivery Information page for more details click here .

What are your terms and Conditions?

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What is your refund policy?

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